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F*ck off – free page sample – Swearing Dogs Coloring Book

Hello everybody!

Once again i bring you a free coloring page for you to color. It is a sample from my just released Swearing Dogs: Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults.



Beware! This book is full of f*cked up Dogs! Not recommended for Children.

Swearing Dogs is a Swear Word Coloring book featuring F*ckntastic Dogs! 100% original illustrations.

  • 20 unique hand-drawn illustrations with swear words and funny cats.
  • All illustrations are printed twice, providing you with 40 printed pages for coloring.
  • All images are printed single sided to avoid damage to other illustrations from color bleeding.
  • Hours and hours of relaxation, mindful calm and stress relief

Swear words inside the book:

  • Clusterf*ck
  • C*ck
  • F*ck off
  • Prick
  • Attention Wh*re
  • Bullsh*t
  • F**ktard
  • F*cked up beyond all repair
  • *sshat
  • Kiss my *ss
  • F*ck diet
  • C*ntface
  • B*tch *ass
  • D*uchebag
  • W*nker
  • Sh*tuation
  • F*cking F*cker
  • Sc*mbag
  • Tw*t Waffle
  • F*cking Love You

All words are integrated with dogs illustrations in varied and funny situations. You can´t miss it out!

To download the high-res version of the free coloring page, click HERE.



‘Fuck off’ is a free page for coloring.

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