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Clusterf*ck – Free Coloring Page – Clusterf*ck Coloring Book

Hello my fellow colorists!

Here i come once again with a free coloring page for you! It is the “Clusterf*ck” coloring page from my just released¬†Clusterf*ck Coloring Book.

clusterfuck v2 frentebuynow

Clusterf*ck is a special combo edition from my previous Swearing Cats, Swearing Dogs and Swearing Owls coloring books. Three books in one for a very affordable price! If you already have any of my swearing animals books, Clusterf*ck is great to give as a gift to someone else!

Some additional information about the book: 

  • 60 unique hand-drawn illustrations with swear words and funny cats, dogs and owls
  • All images are printed single sided to avoid damage to other illustrations from color bleeding.
  • Some swears may appear more than once, but only on different animals designs.
  • Hours and hours of relaxation, mindful calm and stress relief

Get HERE you free coloring page.

See below all illustrations featured in the book:

swearing dogs thumbs-01 thumbs curse the fuckout swearing owls thumbs-01







Happy coloring!