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Granny Swears: An adult coloring book with swears grannies would say.




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Granny Swears is a less-offensive swear word coloring book. First of its kind on Amazon!

  • 20 unique hand-drawn illustrations with light swear words and beautiful patterns.
  • All illustrations are printed twice, providing you with 40 printed pages for coloring.
  • All images are printed single sided to avoid damage to other illustrations from color bleeding.
  • Hours and hours of relaxation, mindful calm and stress relief. Ultimate fun!

granny swears thumbs-01Granny swears inside the book:

Gosh darn it
Bloody hell
Son of a biscuit
Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Oh, for Pete´s sake!
Lord love a duck
Well, bless your little heart
What the heck
Kiss my grits!
Ah, fiddlesticks!
Fudge nuts
Hell´s Bells
You´re a pain in the pip
It´s raining pitchforks!
Horse piss
Oh, sugar!
Cold as a witch´s tit
Going to hell in a handbasket

Find below a free page sample for this book:

8 - Well, bless your little heart